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Galway Motor Club  

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Marshals Register 2008 Club Championship Results

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Due to the adverse weather conditions the committee of Galway Motor Club have decided to cancel the Annual General Meeting that was due to take place on Wednesday night.

A new date for the AGM has been set for Wednesday 15th December 2010 at 8.30pm at the Clayton Hotel Ballybrit

Apologies for any inconvenience.

Rallying for Galway Hospice donates 15,000 euros

Rallying for Galway Hospice

On Saturday night last September  11th, 6 weeks of hard work culminated in the presentation of a cheque for 15,000 euros to The Galway Hospice. The Rallying for Galway Hospice Team, lead by John Spain and  Jarlath Conneely raised funds through a bucket collection, a raffle and generous sponsorship from a number of local business people in the Loughrea and Galway area. John and Jarlath funded the running costs of the Toyota Celica in the recent Galway Summer Rally, so all sponsorship raised could go directly to The Hospice. From an idea that began with a target of raising 3,500 euro, the final total has far exceeded anybodys expectations and is an amazing success for a group of people from the world of Motorsport in Galway.  The Galway Hospice provide a wide range of services to the people of Galway and rely on volutary donations and fundraising to ensure this work continues.

A large crowd attended the presentaion of the cheque to Galway Hospice in McCormacks Bar on Saturday night. Local Band U-Turn provided entertainment well into the small hours. The four prize winners from the raffle are Danny Fahy ( Gort) Declan McGlynn ( Coldwood) Robert Roche (Claregalway) and Betty Kennedy ( Gort). The prize winners day out will take place in Pallas Karting, Tynagh, Loughrea in the comming weeks. John spain and Jarlath Conneely would like to thank everybody who helped or contributed in any way to the fundraising.

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Welcome to Galway Motor Club

The Safety Direct Galway International Rally is the first major motorsport event annually in Ireland. Over the years the event has attracted entrants from England, Scotland, Wales, Isle of Man, the former Czechoslovakia, France, America, Gambia, Belgium, Arabia, Norway and Finland.

The event is one of the most popular in the Irish Tarmac Rally Championship, and has been it's first round since the series was founded in 1978. It is fully sponsored by Safety Direct and based in Galway's Clayton Hotel, and is supported by Failte Ireland.

It is a busy club - all volunteers - we organise one other stage rally each year, the popular Galway Summer Rally, and also a number of Sprints, a two day Hillclimb, an Autotest and various social events and charity fund raisers.

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Galway Motor Club is very active in the promotion and development of Motorsport in Ireland, and supports Motorsport Ireland through active participation in it's various committees.

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